Thursday, May 29, 2014

Climate Change and Politician Profits

Is John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, others in the Obama Administration and the U.N.
really concerned about a Climate Change Solution ?
Only if there is Financial and Political GAIN in it for them !

The government is too busy handing out (Giving) $148 Billion to AIG insurance, and AIG doesn't have to account for one dime. That's over $71 Million U.S.Tax Payer Dollars per HOUR that they gave to a private corporation. (that has 90% of their operations outside of the United States.


The "Climate Change" Environmental Pollution Solution is HERE...The problem is that NO ONE
CARES because too many people are making A LOT of MONEY from NOT having a Single
Solution....They want to drag this "problem" out as long as possible for Political and Financial gain.

Think of all the people, corporations, ( and oil producing countries ), who are presenting benefiting
Keeping things just as they are...the last thing in the world that they want is an "outsider" coming
in and rocking the boat with a SINGLE SOLUTION that they have NO part in...

These are just a minute number of the people who would HATE to see a REAL SOLUTION;
Oil companies, oil producing countries, automobile manufacturers in Japan and the United States,
Click on this link for the entire list by country
solar panel companies, wind power companies, gas companies, any company associated with the combustion engine (gas or diesel), bio fuel companies (food for fuel, the dumbest of them all), etc.
, etc...

Do you really want to contribute to the elimination of Climate Change / Global Warming ?

 I am speaking of a SINGULAR Solution, not one of the so-called "plural solutions" that will never work as a comprehensive solution. The reason that plural (numerous) "solutions" have been promoted is because there are so many people, businesses, government agencies, etc. that want to make money from the "green economy", be on the gravy train with a government grant., etc....very few people are actually interested in the environment if there is nothing in it for them.

 We need to make my Clean Energy Solution (invention) become a reality. It can be manufactured and available for global use in less than 3 years. It can eliminate the need for Middle East oil. I am trying to hold out as long as possible to NOT sell the rights to a country that is already producing mass quantities of oil. Do you want to turn over the invention that can eliminate Climate Change to OPEC countries ?

 If OPEC buys my invention, that would be the last time that you ever heard of it...Do you want any of these countries to have control of this invention ?

  Algeria  Angola  Ecuador  Iran  Iraq  Kuwait  Libya   Nigeria  Qatar  Saudi  Arabia  United Arab Emirates  Venezuela


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 The two primary goals that will never change. 1) Make sure that my Clean Energy Solution (invention) ends up in the right hands, and is actually produced so that it will benefit everyone. 2) The revenue from selling item #1 will fund a USA-based Formula 1 race team that will be capable of winning...B) Myself as primary driver for the team.

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